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An exclusive community for professional B2B Marketers looking to elevate their career and impact.

About Soar Marketing Society

Why You Should Join Us

Soar Marketing Society is a space that enables b2b marketing professionals of all types and in all sectors to connect and communicate with each other. Whatever obstacles you are facing in your career, you are not alone—there are almost certainly other experienced professionals who have been in your situation and can offer advice, guidance, and support.

Some of the common marketing problems that members of Soar Marketing Society can help you with include:

  • Understanding how to present your ideas to the CEO or CFO of your organization

  • Making sure that you always have a seat at the table when it comes to planning company strategy

  • Measuring the success of your strategies and turning this into definitive data to present to management

  • Using data and analytics to gain meaningful insights into customer behavior

  • Understanding how to say “no” to counterproductive suggestions, even from your superiors

  • How to develop the confidence to use your skills and knowledge to personally drive your strategy, rather than taking a back seat 

  • How to develop your skills as a marketer and advance your career

Are you tired of having to prove the value of marketing?

Your coworkers and superiors are constantly asking you to execute their grand plans despite lacking your marketing knowledge, and without realizing the amount of work that goes into a successful marketing campaign.

Not only do you feel underappreciated, but you’re also overworked and frustrated. You’re constantly responding to others’ ideas and taking orders instead of charting your own course.

Feel inspired when you walk into work everyday!

Well okay, for most of us, you're just walking 20 feet into your home office, but still. Wouldn't you like to feel self-assured and ready to take on the day every time you sit down at your computer? So would we! Think of us as the "marketers who matter." We will be your sounding board, that reassuring voice that says you can do it!

And what if you feel burnt out during the day? Log on to Soar Marketing Society and you can post your frustrations! Many of us have been where you have been and we're your cheerleaders looking to empower you and build you up. Our community is full of great professional marketers that are happy to hear your woes and send you back to work reinspired.

This sounds too good to be true. How much does it cost to sign up?

Joining Soar Marketing Society doesn’t cost you anything. Soar Marketing Society is not just a product to sell to marketers—it is a mutually beneficial community project! As well as helping you feel informed, empowered, and in control of your career, we know that your input and advice can help make other members feel the same. To put it plainly—we know that you can make our community even better and more exciting.

We're always exploring ways to add value to the community! Stay tuned for more information on live webinar calls, events, and workshops, and online courses that will give you even more ways to engage.